Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Arrow & Black Canary

Well, this is just the sweetest thing in the entire world. Our dear friends Alex & Marni (who will both be at the wedding coming up this weekend) came by yesterday with the above drawing, which is a custom piece that they commissioned for us. If it's not entirely obvious, it's us recast as Green Arrow & Black Canary being all married and stuff. And at our feet, you can see our cats (!), Casper & Bee, looking uncharacteristically adoringly at us. You can tell it's Casper because he has the wonky ear! And the whole thing is done by Cliff Chang, one of the real Green Arrow comic book artists. Holy moly, we just love it.

Scroll down just a couple of posts to see us dressed as Green Arrow & Black Canary for Halloween!

1 comment:

mjs said...

aw...we're just so glad you like it!
congratulations again, we're getting super psyched for the festivities!