Friday, September 5, 2008


"What should I wear to this wedding?"

Good question. Weddings tend to be formal and when you throw in BBQ, bluegrass and outdoors, it can get very confusing.

The dress code for the EPIC wedding is “comfort.” Do you like wearing blue jeans? Wear blue jeans! Do you like wearing a pretty, party dress? Wear a pretty, party dress! There is no wrong answer here. You can always wear one thing to the wedding and then change at the house into something else. It can be like the Oscars!

Stefan and I know that you love us and do not need you to show us through clothing…unless you make t-shirts that say “I love Elizabeth and Stefan!”

The only thing that I request you DON’T wear is a wedding dress. I will be wearing a wedding dress and it might be awkward for us both.

Things to keep in mind when selecting something to wear.
1. It will be about 10 degrees cooler where the lodge is versus Asheville. It tends to be around 85 at this time of year in Asheville, meaning it should be in the upper 70’s where we will be. You might want to wear layers.

2. The wedding is outside. Ladies, you will probably not want to wear heels. You can always change into heels for the party in the house if you want.

3. You will be eating BBQ. We suggest you wear what you don’t mind getting BBQ on.

See you soon!

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