Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Round Knob Lodge

This is where we're getting married! What you're looking at is Round Knob Lodge, so named because it's sitting atop a round "knob." We know it looks a bit like a haunted house now, but it won't look quite so spooky once it's covered in leafy green trees, we promise. We're pretty excited about this place, and this post is meant to tell you why.

Dating from the 1930's, the Lodge was built by the Western Carolina railroad and was a major landmark for train passengers as they traveled through the Blue Ridge Mountains on their way to Asheville. Though passenger traffic no longer travels this portion of the railroad, freight trains still pass by the lodge several times a day. Don't worry, we'll make sure it won't happen during the ceremony.

Being on top of a hill as it is, Round Knob Lodge boasts a spectacular view, one that will be even better come September:

It sits on 60 acres of private land, so all you guests will have lots of roaming around room. There's a swimming hole with a dock, two fully stocked trout and catfish ponds and a beautiful trout stream runs through the property:

In addition, it also has a pool and sauna, as well as a romantic gazebo for you lovebirds and a manmade geyser right below the Lodge:

And then there's Stefan's favorite amenity, which is the 84" barbecue smoker that's always there. How cool is that? This means that all the barbecue you'll be eating will be totally fresh and not just trucked in from somewhere. I mean, come on! That's awesome.

But for all that the inside's pretty exciting too! It was built to look like a railroad car with long hallways with rooms coming off each side:

The entire place is filled with railroad memorabilia and stuffed animal heads:

There's even a giant stuffed bear downstairs in a closet awaiting refurbishment. Also, there's a big entertaining room (which is where we'll put our wonderful band, Lo-Fi Breakdown, subject of a future post on this blog), a downstairs game/bar room which has a pool table and foosball, a huge porch overlooking the valley and a big screened-in veranda. The walls are covered in historic photos of the lodge and the surrounding areas. And further tickling Stefan to death, most of the rooms have awesome Bakelite phones. There's even a fully functioning phone booth downstairs.

And that's not all! There's also a ghost. Really. A ghost. And it lives in the room that we're going to be staying in. Seriously, this place is very very exciting for us and it could not be more perfect. We hope this little taste has gotten you as enthusiastic about the location as we are!

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mjs said...

i can tell you with some authority that the hallway does, in fact, look like a railroad car.